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Technical Reports

We provide a detailed description and characterization of all PARSEC workloads in a technical report.

The PARSEC Benchmark Suite: Characterization and Architectural Implications [ BIBTEX ]
Christian Bienia, Sanjeev Kumar, Jaswidner Pal Singh and Kai Li. Technical Report TR-811-08, Princeton University, January 2008.
[ PDF ]

A more compact version of the technical report can also be obtained as a publication. Additional documentation is furthermore available from Cornell University:

A Characterization of the PARSEC Benchmark Suite for CMP Design [ BIBTEX ]
Major Bhadauria, Vince Weaver and Sally A. McKee. Technical Report CSL-TR-2008-1052, Cornell University, September 2008.
[ PDF ]

The University of Texas at Austin has released a full disk image with Alpha binaries of PARSEC for the M5 simulator. Detailed instructions on the process are available in the following tech report:

Running PARSEC 2.1 on M5 [ BIBTEX ]
Mark Gebhart, Joel Hestness, Ehsan Fatehi, Paul Gratz, Stephen W. Keckler. Technical Report TR-09-32, University of Texas at Austin, Department of Computer Science, October 2009.
[ PDF ]


Man Pages

The man pages that are part of the PARSEC distribution are also available as an HTML version.




The PARSEC Wiki offers a wealth of practical information related to PARSEC. Users of the benchmark suite are invited to publish patches, tools and other contributions through the wiki.




We have presented several tutorials on PARSEC at major computer architecture conferences since the first release of our benchmark suite. The last one was given at HPCA-15 in Raleigh. The used material is made available below.

The PARSEC Benchmark Suite Tutorial
A tutorial covering the practical aspects of PARSEC 2.0
[ PDF ]     [ ODP ]

PARSEC Tutorial Demo Videos
Videos used during the tutorial presentation
Size: 645 MBMD5SUM: c530bd3153bf5626e994a85373648263


Other Benchmarks

There are several other useful benchmarks

A Big Data Benchmark Suite, ICT, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Other Extensions

There are other extensions for PARSEC

Extension of Blackscholes
An extension of blackscholes offered by Intel

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