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PARSEC is a large benchmark suite with high system requirements. The suite needs at least 8 GB of free disk space, but we recommend 12 GB or more. To download the whole distribution, you need additional 3 GB. Optionally you can also download any number of binary distributions that include precompiled binaries for each workload. Each binary distribution requires 0.5 GB to download and another 2 GB of disk space to unpack.

The PARSEC benchmark programs have been parallelized with pthreads and OpenMP. You will need support for both standards if you want to use all workloads. gcc supports OpenMP since version 4.2.0.

PARSEC also includes several publicly available libraries which are used by some of the benchmark programs:

These packages have their own requirements, please consult their documentation for more details.

PARSEC has been successfully tested on the following systems:

  • Linux/i386
  • Linux/AMD64
  • Linux/Itanium
  • Solaris/Sparc
Limited support exists for the following platforms, but not all benchmark programs are available:
  • Darwin/PowerPC

Please also make sure you comply with the license requirements.


Download PARSEC 3.0

If you want all input sets and large file sizes do not bother you, you can use the following link to download the whole distribution. Precompiled binaries are not included.

Everything except precompiled binaries
Size: 2.9 GB

Please cite our summary paper if you publish results that you have obtained with PARSEC. You should also check the PARSEC Wiki for any patches and bugfixes after you have downloaded the distribution.

As an alternative to the full benchmark suite, we also provide the distribution broken up into several smaller archives which contain only parts of PARSEC. You have to download at least the core package, everything else is optional. In order to run meaningful experiments, you will also need one or more of the input packages.

PARSEC 3.0 Core
Source code and test inputs
Size: 112 MB

PARSEC 3.0 Simulation Inputs
Inputs for microarchitectural simulation
Size: 468 MB

PARSEC 3.0 Native Inputs
Inputs for native execution
Size: 2.3 GB


Download PARSEC 2.1

We still maintain PARSEC 2.1. You can access them by the following links.

Everything except precompiled binaries
Size: 3.0 GBMD5SUM: ca2e01d801a45914cb2e4458227c2165

PARSEC 2.1 Core
Source code and test inputs
Size: 49 MBMD5SUM: 7da0d2b85eda583890b1d9716ab401d5

PARSEC 2.1 Simulation Inputs
Inputs for microarchitectural simulation
Size: 526 MBMD5SUM: a7194b05c153d1c249fddc71b4828f88

PARSEC 2.1 Native Inputs
Inputs for native execution
Size: 2.4 GBMD5SUM: 3186b36b86c9754b58e1d925a034340e


Download Binaries

We offer precompiled binary distributions for PARSEC. Each package below includes multiple binary versions for each workload. Simulator support has been added where applicable. You can download and install any number of binary packages and keep them along with your own builds without any conflicts. Each binary distribution comes with its own README file that contains details about its features.

PARSEC Binaries for Linux/AMD64
Binary distribution for current Linux systems with Intel processors.
Size: 470 MBMD5SUM: 835f0dc9aa45ce7dac592cf5e80f9799

PARSEC Binaries for Solaris/Sparc
Binary distribution for current Solaris systems with Sparc processors.
Size: 420 MBMD5SUM: 2abcb4b9b935d615aa3d68c1cf8214cc


Other Downloads

Other research groups have released their own modifications and extensions for PARSEC that complement the official benchmark suite. We know of the following independent project sites:

Running PARSEC 2.1 in the M5 Simulator[ LINK ]
Detailed instructions for building PARSEC 2.1 for the Alpha architecture. Patches and disk images with precompiled Alpha binaries for the M5 simulator.
Released by the University of Texas at Austin.



Once you have downloaded the PARSEC distribution to the directory where you would like PARSEC to be installed you can uncompress it. On Linux this can be done as follows:

tar -xzvf parsec-2.1.tar.gz

On all other UNIX systems you can use the following command:

gunzip parsec-2.1.tar.gz && tar -xvf parsec-2.1.tar

If you downloaded PARSEC in several parts, or if you have downloaded any binary distributions, then copy all archives which you have into the same directory. Uncompress each one as described above. The files of the archives will be placed at the correct locations and the framework will automatically recognize and use them.

The archives will need several minutes to decompress into a new directory. Once the process is finished, you should read the README provided to see how to build and run PARSEC.


Previous Versions

Previous versions of the PARSEC benchmark suite are also still available. In almost all cases the latest versions of the suite will be the better choice. If you run into problems with older versions of PARSEC you will be entirely on your own.

The download pages of previous versions can be reached with the following links:


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