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PARSEC is provided "as is" without any support. We maintain mailing lists which you can use to get into contact with us and other PARSEC users, but you should expect to fix any problems which you might encounter yourself.


Mailing Lists

Three mailing lists are currently available: parsec-announce, parsec-users and parsec. We recommend that users are at least subscribed to parsec-announce if they use PARSEC.

Important Notice

You will get an error message at the beginning of the encrypted connection. The Princeton CS Department uses its own unofficial security certificate that is not accepted by your browser by default. Please add an exception or import the security certificate for future use.

  • parsec-announce is only used for our very infrequent announcements of new versions or bugfixes. Only the PARSEC team can post messages to this list. Use the following link to subscribe to this mailing list: https://lists.cs.princeton.edu/mailman/listinfo/parsec-announce
  • parsec-users is an unmoderated mailing list that is open to all users of the benchmark suite. It is a platform to discuss issues related to the usage of the suite. You can use the following link to subscribe to parsec-users: https://lists.cs.princeton.edu/mailman/listinfo/parsec-users
  • You can send an email to in order to reach the PARSEC team. This mailing list is used by us for private communication. You may send emails to parsec, but you cannot subscribe to it. Please consider posting publicly to parsec-users first, parsec is no platform for help requests!



PARSEC is an ongoing project, and we plan to publish new versions intermittently. It is not uncommon that research infrastructure such as PARSEC is improved to accommodate for the specific needs of a research project. If you have written anything other PARSEC users might find useful, please consider contributing your code. We are looking for everything that might be useful to other users, for example:

  • New benchmark programs
  • Bugfixes
  • Additional features
  • Patches to improve portability
  • Etc, etc, etc
You will receive full credit for your work. You can reach us through the PARSEC mailing list: .


Copyright 2007 Princeton University. All Rights Reserved.